Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

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One thought on “#Qanon 2 Witnesses Regarding Scalia”
  1. Thank you. Been looking for source of Dr. Corsi's YT on 2/23 then they cut him. Need help not sure the exact q post but had been following for few weeks prior to the John 3:16 post. Struck me as very odd and out off place. I am a Christian an very familiar with verse. Also don't remember the date but there was another verse Jeremiah 29:11 after the 3:16. Hang with me for a sec. I'm a bible scholar and I know that IS Billy Graham's go to verses. Always had been. Google the second vs and graham and you get BG doing 9/11 day services. Crazy. Even better when you think of WHEN Q posted these and then BG'S death, and the mention of the unclassified letters about journalist and CLERGY involved in CIA begin to hold my breath with Billy. He did have access to all those POTUS's and he did get into the only confirmed trouble of his life with the watergate tapes where he and Nixon were making anti Semitic remarks. Crazy crazy crazy. Need help looking into for posting some how. Not a YT guy or professional poster. Info needs vetting. NOBODY is even discussing these verses and Q would not be leading a bible study. He had a purpose. 'Future proves past'.

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