#Qanon – Wikileaks, HRC Video, Haiti (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3







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  • QANON – why Haitian – not because Clinton was opportunistic, but because the evil that runs through that brood of vipers is calculating and predatory – Haitians targeted because of DNA (genetics) – Haiti was targeted with weather modification to open the door for the evil. Bill Clinton, Little Rock, Albert Pike – there are no coincidences, there is only correlation/connections yet to be understood (Wisdom in waiting). Follow the money to lead you to the actors; follow the actors to lead you to the truth. Ephesians. When east meets west. The Pope is elected by a small group of well informed, attentive men, Democratic leaders by the inattentive and misinformed masses, both attributes resulting from calculated, predatory evil. As the Pope is who he is in the absence of such attributes in his admirers, what chance do our voters have in leadership. Keep the faith, Don, and keep it in LOVE. Remember, \”If you are not against me, then you are with me; but, if you are not with me, you are against me.\”Why is the desert the desert, and what lies in North Africa? What is a MudFossil, and why aren't we civilized atop them?Read your Bibles, men – you must know what is new, to understand what is old, and understand what is old, to understand what is new. When parable meets prophecy, things are they way they have to be, and those things incarnate.Worry not Children of GOD, for Jesus has already defeated the devil for your souls, the remaining battle is within your hearts, each of them and all of them. Gather your footing, for when your eyes and ears are tested with fear, you must stand steadfast in TRUTH, FAITH, and LOVE.Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, the Light, … understand what it is to be The Way, The TRUTH, The Light, and journey to understand HIM. Before there is Light, there is LOVE; before there is anything, there is Jesus – share in HIS inheritance – LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE LOVES US.REPENT – ATONE – LOVE – FORGIVE


  • I am trying to send you a recording I received from a friend yesterday morning. It discusses an emergency broadcast announcement that Trump is supposed to make in the very near future. I don't know who it's from or who is reading it. Can I fwd you the email bc I can' t figure out how to attach just the file. ~Clare


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