Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
From Servant/Slave to Friend??

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종 (jong) = Slave/servant

정 (jeoung/jung) = It’s like the special feeling or type of relationship you have with someone. 

The MSM FAKE NEWS like to slam him for his misspells….but we know better don’t we? LOL!

FINANCIAL EXPRESS:  “US President Donald Trump, known to use Twitter to announce major policy decisions of his administration, today misspelled the North Korean leader’s name, referring to him as “Kim Jung Un”. While the White House released Trump’s letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to reporters, the US president later tweeted his letter from his personal Twitter account. In the tweet, he misspelled the North Korean leader’s name, referring to him as “Kim Jung Un”. But the White House letter has Kim’s correct name and addresses him as the Chairman of the State Affairs Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. President Trump had boasted during the campaign that he has the “best words.”

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Misspells North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Name in Tweet”
  1. I think this was a ruse to show people who the loudest bad actors are. The summit took place when Trump went to China and Q posted the pic of building in the sky. I think Trump and military struck the nuclear mountain with a moab and killed most the clown actors inside that is why they are not showing any inside pics of nuclear base. What you all think?

  2. I agree that The president and Kim Jong Un have already met and talked . Then Kim freed Americans held in NK. President Trump was trolling the MSM with the whole \” NK summit called off. \”He doesn't want them to be able to interfere with the negotiations. He likes to keep the cabal guessing. Next meeting = next faze of the plan… Iran, then UK?

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