QAnon PROOF #1 POTUS TWEET, +++, AND the Saudi Arabian Purge 11.6.17

QAnon Proof #1 – +++ and Potus Tweet

QAnon posted this message on November 6, 2017. 
Note the times. And note the +++

Only 7 minutes later Donald Trump tweeted this message.
Note the use of +++ 

At this time, Q had not revealed the meaning of the +++ yet.  Later posts provide the full meaning.  If you click the Q post above you will see the original 4 chan post and the talk surrounding what the pluses could actually mean.  There were all kinds of guesses and they had not yet connected POTUS’s tweet to this post.

Here is the meaning of the +++’s

You can see the future use of +, ++, +++ throughout the rest of Q’s posts on both and 8 chan.  


House of Saud = +++
Rothschild = ++
Soros = +
Focus on above (3)
These 3 families = NWO
Families combined (TRI) = NWO
Inner TRI families will collapse

So in all future posts, Q will refer to these families by +, ++, or +++

Is it just a coincidence that POTUS tweets +++ 7 mins after Q?

Also, this was to announce that the Saudi Arabian Country was going to fall, and days later it did just that:  YET ANOTHER PROOF OF Q = FOREKNOWLEDGE OF THE SAUDI PURGE

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