QAnon – Spygate Update: Trey Gowdy WT..? What is the Obama Angle?

What the heck is going on with Trey Gowdy?  and What they are really hiding from you….the OBAMA ANGLE:

Show Notes: | Gowdy Says Trump Is ‘Not The Target’ | The Daily Caller | Strategic Deployment – Trey Gowdy Defends FBI and DOJ – Spygate Was Justified… | The Last Refuge | (2) Trey Gowdy on ‘spygate’ controversy, Adam Schiff’s remarks – YouTube | DeSantis Responds to Gowdy: ‘Deploying Surveillance’ on Trump ‘Not Normal,’ ‘Not What Americans Want the FBI to Be Doing’ | Breitbart | Gowdy Never Saw Subpoenaed Records Before Exonerating FBI Spy Use | Comey Testimony Appears to Contradict Clapper, Rubio, Gowdy on FBI | National Review | Comey violated FBI’s own rulebook by using Trump campaign ‘spy’ – Washington Times | Here’s Why Obama Clearly Ordered The Spying on Trump – Big League Politics | Trump Campaign Spying — Obama Administration Investigation Aimed at Trump Campaign | National Review | Grassley Graham Memo Affirms Nunes Memo on FISA & Steele Dossier | National Review | (2) Full James Comey Testimony on President Donald Trump, Russia Investigation at Senate Hearing – YouTube | QMapp | Trey Gowdy Makes Wild Revelation About The Clintons [Video]


  • Thank you Katie for helping me with my Q withdrawal. You are an inspiration.


  • Trey Gowdy is either showing his \”true colors\” of being an \”Establishment Rhino\” or #2 he has been threatened by the #DeepState for something they have on him? One needs to look and see what his financial holdings look like? As George Webb eluded to several months ago, many in the DC swamp suddenly purchased million dollar homes or other high dollar investments about the time the uranium one deal was made with Russia. Ask yourself why did Paul Ryan pull the plug (that is easy one- he is connected to Mouaz Moustafa the ISIS creator along with McCain Obama and the rest!) What about Jason Chaffetz? My theory is he got threatened by #DeepState!


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