Tue. May 24th, 2022

On November 25, 2017, Trump retweeted and shared a post from magapill.com which is a website that keeps tracks of Trump’s accomplishment since he entered office. What is so special about that? The answer is that the day Trump shared this website, the first news on the main page was about “Q Clearance Patriots”, the insider on 4chan, yes about Q.

 “Strangely” after Trump’s tweet, the website went viral for a few minutes and down. A few moments later it was back up, no explanation, only a weird excuse from the host which even the owner of the website finds odd. The MSM talked about it too. – Excerpt from QAnon The Storm

Here is the original Tweet, but the cover story of the website is different now.  The one above shows what was in the tweet on Nov 25, 2017.

And this is the original story that was on the cover page of the website that day:

4 thoughts on “QAnon Proof #2 – POTUS Tweets MagaPill Website with Cover Article About Q 11.25.17”
  1. DJT is the best thing that could have happened to our country. All the good things he's done already, and continues to do. He also gave us Q, an/they insider to help us find our way. To know the world how it truly is. Qanon the movement that will be talked about, and written about for many years to come. I for one am glad, I was able to play a role, (all because of Katie G)in a major part of history. Something I now have been telling my grandkids about. Now they will always remember, Grandma telling them all about Q, while they read of the greatest movement in history. #POTUS #Qanon #patriots #WWG1WGA

  2. Katie, thank you for helping me become a part of history in the making. Katie, you will be remembered, for all the work you did deciphering Q, and redpilling a whole lot of people. You will be written about, and people will be studying your videos, to see how Q was interpreted. The right way!! Katie you are the best!!! 👍😃

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