QAnon – The Bigger Story Behind the James Wolfe Indictment

It is important not to get so granular we miss the big picture.  The indictment of former senior senate intelligence committee staffer James Wolfe is filled with information to highlight a much bigger picture.  Via Conservative TreeHouse 

Show Notes: | OMG! Anti-Trump Deep State Spy Stefan Halper Was Busted on Crack Cocaine Charges! | Senate Select Intel Staffer Targeted Trump Campaign Adviser In Aggressive Leak Campaign | The Daily Caller | EXCLUSIVE: BuzzFeed Confirms It Knew About Ali Watkins’ Relationship With Indicted Senate Official | The Daily Caller | Breaking: Feinstein’s Former Intel Staffer Daniel Jones is Also Connected to NY Times Reporter in Leak Investigation | Alleged Deep State Leaker James Wolfe Makes First Court Appearance | Breitbart | The Bigger Story Behind the James Wolfe Indictment… | The Last Refuge | Rosie Memos on Twitter: “The day before Wolfe’s voluntary interview with FBI, Ali Watkins announced her last day covering Senate Intel. Committee.…” | Senator Mark Warner and Entire Senate Intelligence Committee Compromised, Corrupt and Finally Exposed… | The Last Refuge | Senate Intelligence Committee Under Pending DOJ Investigation for “unauthorized disclosure of information”…. | The Last Refuge | Sneaky Dianne Feinstein Confirms She Leaked Glenn Simpson Transcript at the Request of Fusion GPS’s Lawyers | James Wolfe Leak Investigation: Journalists Insist on a Double Standard | National Review | Senate Investigators Suspect FBI Documents Were Manipulated By Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

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