Qanon – Missing Letters, Rogue Missles? What is coming?


  • Katie,One of those times I wish i knew how to use the chans. Not seeing this anywhere. Q confirmed the missing ‘d’ in supposed with a “D”. Why a capital D or a “Big D.” Then it hits me, Big “D” is a nickname for Dallas. The USS Dallas is a Los-Angeles class attack nuclear submarine like the one in the reverse image pic. The recent mssile and Skunk Bay are near Puget Sound. The Dallas was inactivated last December, decommissioned in April 2018, and is housed at Puget Sound (Naval Submarine Base Bangor). AND the USS Dallas is THE SUBMARINE from the Hunt For Red October (book and movie – though many of the shots may be of the USS Houston). The reverse image pic sure looks like it’s the Puget Sound area. Other pics look almost identical and you can see mountains when you have a taller shot.The Dallas also was fitted with an SDV Which can delivery swimmers in sepcial forces ops situations. I’m thinking of a connection to Lorette Fuddy perhaps. Its puzzled me how there could have been a diver in just the right spot in a relatively short amount of time. In any event, we have a picture of a submarine in the Puget Sound that is somehow connected to hacking. That puts it in the Pacific Theatre, so near Hawaii which could be significant for several reasons. It is also very connected to Hunt for Red October, which Q has mentioned many times. And its really close to Skunk Bay and this recent missile event. Hope some of that is useful. I sure found it interesting.Keep up the great work!Lucy


  • Love you song to hussein. Perfect.My song from America to Q is a James Taylor tune.\”How Sweet it is to be Loved by Q\”


  • Anyone want to try and connect the Defcon Alert and Incoming Missile Panic back on January 13, 2018?Anyone want to try and make the case that there is a \”rogue sub with a rogue crew\” that has been taken over by the #deepstate and #clowns (rogue C_A) ?Anyone have facts to place this sub back in service or that it is no longer in dry-dock?Anyone living near the sub base ?


  • A little something to brighten the day a little, it's good to see justice being served. A shame it won't hit msm.


  • Google maps shows sub docked at Bangor Trident base near Puget sound. What's wierd is if you search for \”FOX M1\” from Q' post , I found this definition. Redirect was interesting


  • Also, good find , I never would have got that.


  • Coordinates of docked sub if anyone interested47.732027,-122.741678


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