The Inspector General Report is HERE

From Conservative Tree House:

The 18-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email has been released – OIG RELEASE LINK HERE

This IG inquiry is specifically looking into whether the FBI investigation was corrupted by political influence in their determination of the Clinton outcome. The IG report provides background on the overall issues, the potential crimes; the subsequent coverup; and the corruption that infested the 2016 Department of Justice and the FBI.


  • As Q told us, the IG report has been modified. We will wait for the Clinton Email investigation part of the report, and then Potus will issue executive order it unclassified and released to the public.Be patient.Trust the plan.Optics matterPublic opinion matters.MSM enemy #1.


  • WOW! Katie you are too much! Do you ever sleep? : -)


  • Katie, great video. I do deep dives everyday and am pretty consumed with this long before POTUS was elected. I was one of the ones that was awakened when he announced his run for a Pres. Many people are not, that’s where u come I . They need someone who can be trusted, and to help them put things together. God has his hands all over this Presidency. He gave us Trump to make a change in our lives & he gave us Q to help us understand what is going on behind the scene. We watch Q posts, listen to you, and we do our own research as well. That way we r a part of our own history in the making. This is a big thing in God’s mind…it should be a big thing in ours. Luv u


  • AMEN sister Maggie T. God also gave us a real hard-working dedicated patriot in Katie G.I used to listen to Dr. C. doing Q decoding. But then I ran across Katie and realized that Dr C. was winging it and did not do any research! When Dr C. was taken down for his commercialism I was not surprised (I still admire Dr. C) his knowledge of many things is to be admired but he was not honest about some things (very sad).My praise for the work that Katie cannot be stated loud enough! God bless Katie!


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