QAnon – Blackmail and Dead Woman, theFBI/DOJ, RR, RM, Epstein, SR Witness

The “Deep State” is getting very, very nervous. Yesterday’s Mueller indictment of the 12 Russian Intel Officers *lol* was nothing more than a PR stunt. There was zero, zilch, nada, nothing in the form of proof provided to anyone. No proof.

Did they examine the server? NO!

They mention “Company 1” in the indictment which is allegedly Crowdstrike. They also mention “Organization 1” which is allegedly Wikileaks. How do we know?

Now we know what they mean, so let’s see what the indictment says:

We are getting closer and closer to the truth about the server.

You can bet they are PANICKED!

Now they have this lie to account for as well!

Seth Rich, Julian Assange, and the server itself are at the heart of this investigation, and they know it! They are trying to get ahead of the narrative and spin this egg until the very end of time if possible. But, it is not possible.

What are they afraid of exactly? Let’s take a trip back to July 11, 2018, shall we?
Multiple News Sources reported: Mystery as woman, 48, is found dead in the trash compactor machine at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s former Manhattan apartment block home

A woman was found dead inside a trash compactor at an apartment block in Union Square, Manhattan, on Tuesday evening

Also, see link

The Updates to this story report she was drunk but they do not know how she ended up in the trash compactor.

So, wait… A drunk woman ends up in the trash compactor but there is no foul play. Ok.

Does this pass the smell test to you? Her ex/husband has some neat-o connections too.

My opinion is that this was a “MESSAGE” to Huma and Weiner. TALK TOO MUCH…this will be you and yours. Think Godfather.

So we have the Cabal that is completely freaking out. Q has said many times, they are panicking. Hence the WARNING MESSAGE and THE MUELLER INDICTMENT OF THE 12 RUSSIAN INTEL OPERATIVES. JUST WITHIN A WEEK OF POTUS MEETING PUTIN….

Notice that they are not panicking about SPYGATE info coming out as much, but more about Julian Assange. They are panicked about Seth Rich. WHY?


Let’s look at the Weiner/Abedin connection. And why a Godfather type of message is being sent to them?

Look what the original article said:

This leads us straight to the Weiner laptop!


Let’s look at the Weiner/Abedin connection. Why a message to them?

How do you counter OR suppress the information on the Weiner laptop if you are the deep state? Let’s see.

Maybe you would “warn” the people who may be cooperating? Maybe warn is too fluffy of a term, but you know what I mean….

So, the dead woman in the trash compact is starting to make much more sense now…

Let’s go on…

Remember what is on the Weiner laptop? Oh, sorry! How could we ever forget:

So, we have “Insurance” files. We know the files contain information on more than just Hillary and Huma. They contain a bunch of blackmail on sitting and former senators/congressmen, Hollyweirdos, and other elites as well. Hmmm….

We know that McCabe and Strozyk suppressed the information about the Weiner laptop contents by reading the IG report.

But after pressure from the NYPD and the SDNY Field office of the FBI, they were forced to deal with it. How?

Comey reopened the Clinton Email investigation. Loretta Lynch was threatening the NYPD and FBI Field Offices. Threatening to shake up the Eric Garner case. Which is exactly what she did.

You can read more about this here.  And here.

James Comey goes public with the info and 3 days later, they completed the search of over 650,000 files and it was just a nothingburger. 

If you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you! 

So, the Weiner laptop info goes underground….for now.

What else are they afraid of? The DNC Server and the Seth Rich Murder information becoming public.

The Rod Rosenstein Connection:

A lot of people think the Seth Rich Press Conference held on July 10, 2018 by Jack Burkman and America First Media Group/Matt Couch/Frank Whelan was also a nothingburger. BUT, that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

The Still report has done an excellent job of narrowing down the information we need to know:

We learned a few key things from this press conference. I reached out to Matt Couch of for a statement but I didn’t get a response.

**The witness was polygraphed 2x before his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee and Devin Nunes.

**Devin Nunes has this information.  It was delivered to his Committee by America First Media Group.

**There were 3 men who were involved in the Seth Rich murder. An ATF agent, A DEA agent, and a 3rd man who is a civilian.

**The witness describes the murder events just as he overheard the conversations between the perpetrators.

**ROD ROSENSTEIN allegedly ordered the hit. WOW! Let that one sink in.

Go back and listen to the Still Report video above if you want to hear this testimony.

Here is the full testimony:

Here is Matt Couch Response:

QANON never said that MS13 killed Seth Rich. Surprised by that? This is a very good example of Future Proves Past:

As we see in the above Q posts, Q never actually said MS13 killed Seth Rich. They are just connected. Future proves past in this case.

So July 10 press conference witness actually confirms Q.

We also know that Rod Rosenstein is the “fixer” for the Clintons and others. He did this for U1. His wife was a Clinton lawyer. He also did it for the Seth Rich case.

There is speculation that RR was blackmailing Mueller. I cannot independently confirm this.

The Muller Connection:

The FBI has been known for their blackmail of Congress for decades. For all we know, it never stopped after J.Edgar Hoover, who was notorious for this evil behavior.

Check this out:  Strozyk and Page…KNEW ABOUT THE CHILD SEX CRIMES on the laptop.  Sure did.

This is the question I wish was asked of Peter Strozyk in the last Intel/Oversight hearing!

Moving on……I digress.

Consider this little tidbit…

Jeffrey Epstein was an FBI informant for Mueller in a plea deal agreement.
This was discovered in the FBI Vault release of the Epstein Files.  Here they are:
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 01 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 02 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 03 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 04 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 05 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 06 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 07 of 08
File Jeffrey Epstein Part 08 of 08

Was Jeffrey Epstein getting the “dirt” on politicians, judges, lawyers, police officials, et al..? Then giving it to Mueller, under the cover of “informant” for the FBI in return for a sweetheart plea deal? Was Rosenstein the “fixer” if something went wrong?

We don’t know for sure, yet. But the connections are really interesting and they certainly explain why these people will not be able to walk down the street. This seems to answer why they are panicked.

And there you have it folks, the blackmail and bribery ring!

Pure Evil!

POTUS has it all. They were so stupid that they took their phones in. Especially “H”

Don’t forget the Awan sweetheart deal either. There is sooo much more to that story under the surface. We have not heard the end of ANY of this.

Were the Awan’s complicit in the blackmail and bribery ring, in addition to the selling of SAC’s? (special access programs and other classified material to foreign groups MBH)

Remember this:

Post 1644

Folks, these people worship Lucifer. We all know it, and soon the world will too!


They are letting them try to cover it all up first, because the alternative is not good!

Post 1589


This is the last video Q left us with on July 4, 2018. We celebrate our INDEPENDENCE from the Cabal. Just as Saudi Arabia was freed from their slavery to the Cabal, so too, shall America be free from this tyranny. The truth is behind us.


  • Connection between strzol and the Obama family. Strzok possible Iranian spy thread on neon revolt gab page. Strzok father was stationed then later worked in Iran. Check it out


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  • Love your presentation; Been following you pretty much since BPEarthwatch stopped covering the Q posts; I'm guessing he knows you're covering this in a manner way above his capability. God bless what you both do; 'RED-PILLS' all around !!! Love my Country ! God Bless US ALL!


  • Awesome as usual… I can’t wat til trump meets with Putin. Would love to be a fly on wall.


  • OMG I am shocked you havent posted the latest and I cant wait to hear from you. JFK Jr is Q, or R? Too Funny! and it makes so much sense, especially with the rumors that he is still alive that just resurfaced. OMG It makes total sense! HURRY!!!!!!!


  • I won't actually cover that until Trump gives us a proof. Until then, mums the word. Need direct confirmation just like he did with Q. The circumstantial evidence is very convincing and I am not saying I don't think there is something to it, but I need proof.


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