The Russia "Hacking" Myth, Mueller’s Indictment, and Ordo Ab Chao

When referring to the POTUS, we do call him President Trump, by the way, and not Mr. Trump to all of the dopes in fake news media who refuse to address him as such.
President Trump was right, during his Press Conference last week with President Putin, to point out that the Obama Administration did not do anything to stop the Russian “meddling” in our 2016 election.  Obama knew and did nothing.
President Trump accused former President Barack Obama Sunday of playing politics with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential race, saying Mr. Obama didn’t stop Moscow’s interference because he expected Hillary Clinton to win anyway.

“Why didn’t President Obama do something about the so-called Russian Meddling when he was told about it by the FBI before the Election?” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win, and he didn’t want to upset the apple cart! He was in charge, not me, and did nothing.”

Mr. Obama reportedly was briefed as early as August 2016 that Russian President Vladimir Putin was responsible for hacking in the election. At a summit in China in September, Mr. Obama told Mr. Putin to “cut it out.” In October, the Obama administration issued a public statement that U.S. intelligence agencies were “confident” that Russia directed hacking of emails and other documents of U.S. political organizations.

After Mr. Trump’s victory, Mr. Obama in December 2016 approved modest sanctions against Russia, including the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

Instead, Obama obstructed and put a halt to investigations into this matter, which I will address later in this article.

First, let me address a mass mind control technique that has been used on the population for eons. Ordo Ab Chaos.

Ordo Ab Chaos – Order out of Chaos – Hegelian Dialectic

QAnon has repeatedly told us over and over that this is not about Left vs. Right, Dem vs. Repub, but instead, about Good vs. Evil and Right vs. Wrong.

He told us right from the start :

NOTE:  Q said THEY (both D’s and R’s) never thought THEY would lose control.  President Trump is fighting the UNIPARTY, who are the globalists.  We will dig into that more, later in this article.

You are going to get really messed up and confused if you are only blaming the leftists at this point.

The Dem’s just happened to be the last party in control under the Obama administration.  But, people like James Comey, Clapper, Brennon, and McStain have all been around for quite some time.  Doing the same things during Republican Administrations too.

Let’s go deeper…

You would hope that people aware of the reality of the use of the Hegelian Dialectic towards bringing about a New World Order would recognize it when it’s being used against them.

But instead, the truth movement is corrupted by the sort of dialectical thinking intended to keep the movement not only divided but incapable of comprehending the real truth of the conspiracy

The ruse has succeeded for the fact that most people have forgotten one of their most basic childhood lessons, that: two wrongs don’t make a right!

By way of summary, the Hegelian Dialectic words like this: First of all, it’s an idea derived from the Kabbalah, which justifies its Luciferianism by claiming that evil is part of creation and the result of the absence of good. In reality, evil is not a cosmic force, but a resistance to or contradiction of cosmic truth.

Ultimately, the Hegelian dialectic, like the Kabbalah, posits that history is evolving and that in the end, the truth will conclude in the resolution of contradictions. First, an idea begins as a “thesis.” It is then opposed by an “antithesis,” before becoming resolved in a “synthesis.”

In their diabolical cynicism, the Luciferians exercise their influence in the world by nurturing false oppositions, in order to force the dumb populace into recognizing the apparent contradictions inherent in each of them and thus inducing them to accept their false solution or synthesis.

There are many forms of the dialectic in operation. The most fundamental one, the one that has shaped the very premise of the Western democratic societies and now the Clash of Civilizations, is the nonsense that there is a conflict between religion and science, in order to produce a “synthesis” as secularism.

But the most potent use of the dialectic has been the dichotomy between the political left and right. Or more recently, as the debate between “liberals” and “conservatives”, represented in the US as the Democratic and Republican parties.

Anyone who falls in support of either faction becomes a victim of one deception or the other.

The left in European politics was fabricated by a branch of the Illuminati, a secret society known as the Philadelphes. They began to serve their purpose with the so-called Year of Revolutions in 1848, in order to challenge the powers that be. The pretext was to protect the rights of working people.

The ideology was articulated by a Sabbatean Jew named Karl Marx, as a further development of the dialectical process of history outlined by Hegel. As much as Marx has been blamed for the totalitarian communist regimes of the 20th century, the fact is that Marx took the principles of charity that have been cherished for millennia by humanity, and subtracted God.

Therefore, the pretext that communism is “Godless” has been employed ever since, to induce conservatives into throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The money used to build the communist regime in the former Soviet Union came from a Wall Street cabal headed by Jacob Schiff, another Sabbatean and the leader of the Rothschilds’ interests in the US.

Most importantly, the same cabal was later responsible for the rise of the Nazis, who served the opposite pole of the dialectic by nurturing the fear of communism.

When the various leaders of the defeated Nazis came to the US under Operation Paperclip, where they became responsible by continuing to cultivate this rabid fear of communism, which became the basis of the Cold War.

In the farther fringes of American politics, the same Nazi influence resulted in the continued blame of “the Jews” for this so-called communist conspiracy.

In reality, of course, both camps are wrong. And the clever ruse works like this: The true name of the “Illuminati,” or whatever name we want to call them by, is the consolidation of ideological and financial power. The aim is to achieve ideological supremacy by undermining the value systems of traditional religion, and they achieve financial power through monopoly capitalism and banking.

To this end, the dialectic employs the sham fight between the liberals and the conservatives in the following manner: liberals are recruited with legitimate concerns about the excesses of capitalism, but have polluted their ideology with anti-religious ideas, and particularly a rejection of traditional morality.

Conversely, the conservatives have appealed to the Christians by correctly alerting them to the moral degeneracy of the liberals, but in doing so, recruit them to support right-wing policies of corporatist neoliberalism. Tragically, it is by employing the anachronism of a “communist conspiracy” that conservatives have been duped into denouncing “big government” and extolling the virtues of privatization, which plays right into the hands of the Luciferian Illuminati’s plans for financial consolidation.

More Commonly Known Today as:  Problem, Reaction Solution
Credit:  David Icke

Neoliberal vs. Neoconservative

At the start of the 1970’s Liberals and Conservatives both had “new” ideas.  There are books written on this topic.  They became the NEW liberals and the NEW conservatives.  CODE WORD:  GLOBALISTS.
Although this is not an all encompassing definition, I could break it down this way:  Neoliberals try to set the tone for all things political, cultural,and economical.  Neoconservatives are policy influencers in the area of the military industrial complex, geopolitics, and war.
Remember what I just said, that this is not all they are into but it is basically the crux of the matter for this article.

At the heart of both sides is an ideology they both share, but it is a secret.  They work together and you can see this in all aspects of war and conflict.  This isn’t really NEW they just make it appear that way. 
You can see them working together today.  President Donald Trump
really is an existential threat to this UNIPARTY.  We can see it in all the nonsensical threats, attacks, ridicule, and fake narratives used against him from both sides of this dialectic.  They are showing their arses!
Just take a look at the board of Genie Oil Company to get a good idea of how these globalist scumbags work.  We can’t even trust Fox News anymore.  
At the core of the Syria issue, is the oil reserves in the Golan Heights.  Here we have a lovely mix of globalist bankers, investors, foreign policy puppets, and wars.  Most of the problem is GENIE OIL.  They were given the drilling rights to this area and will cause war if they need to to keep them.
The subsidiary is Genie Oil & Gas and here is their website:
And who is on their Board of Advisers? hmmm…
Oh well, would ya lookie here….
Yeah, neocons and neolibs.  Imagine that.
The reason I went into some detail about this topic is to remind us that we are dealing with both parties.  There will be a bunch of Republicans that will go down in flames in the days to come.  This will be shocking to the public because most are just looking at the dems.  Republicans are up to their eyeballs in this mess as well.
Ok on to the news.

For a full breakdown on the Mueller Indictment, please read this article by Disobedient Media.  It goes over how dumb the Guciffer 2.0 sham really is and makes many other points and brings up a lot of questions about the ‘hacking’ incidents and players involved.  TOTAL crap, and we know better.  The FBI never even looked at the servers lol!  What a joke.  And we know how the information got to Wikileaks for goodness sakes!


Now, let’s look at the most recent BS news regarding the Mueller Indictment of the 12 Russian Intel Officers and the “phishing” and “hacking” they were supposedly doing.
One thing these freaks do well is to accuse others of what they, themselves, are guilty of.  This is called many things.  I call it gaslighting. 


First of all, Trump was the one who decided to release the news of the indictments from the grand jury in Mueller’s case to the public BEFORE he went to the Putin Summit.

…And it is replete with equal comments from the UNIPARTY, as you can see.


Obama knew of Russian Election Meddling as far back as 2014.  The Mueller indictment is virtually a copy paste of Devin Nunes’ warning in the same year.  
Obama met with Putin in June 2016 and then for the last time in November of 2016 .  
His statement after the last meeting came in early December 2016.  He kept a lot of his warnings to Putin to “cut it out” private, he says.  REALLY?
Where was the outrage?
Then he promised this:
Obama then expelled 35 Russian diplomats and then sanctioned Russia without providing 1 single piece of evidence.  What took 2 years to make this happen?  Disgusting.  Putin thought so too, and decided not to retaliate.
But make no mistake, that was all for political showmanship.  
Remember the complete standown that was ordered?
According to the Daily Caller:
Former President Barack Obama’s cyber security czar confirmed Wednesday that former national security adviser Susan Rice told him to “stand down” in response to Russian cyber attacks during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Michael Daniel, whose official title was “cybersecurity coordinator,” confirmed the stand-down order during a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing held to review the Obama and President Donald Trump’s administrations’ policy response to Russian election interference.
Rice’s order to Daniel was first reported in “Russian Roulette,” a book published in March that details Russia’s meddling in the election.

Here is Daniel’s testimony:
Remember when the Chinese hacked our OPM?  Office of Professional Management.

Why wasn’t China sanctioned? Why were their diplomats not expelled?

Oh, that’s right, they were giving our secrets away to the Chinese.

And let’s not forget the pay-to-play action….and CHINAGATE:


Read about Hillary’s emails being open to bad foreign actors. She even had the classified markings removed.  Oh yes she did.


But nada, nothing, done about this.  I could go on and on.
Did I mention the IRS Hacking?  I will let you look this one up for yourself.
Oh, but wait…they hacked the IRS again….for a 2nd time…yeah

Not a damn thing was done about it.  When Obama went to meet President Xi in December of 2016 at the G6 in China, no red carpet was put out for him.  OH, that must have been due to all the sanctions that were put against China for the hacking incidents right? It was because Obama called him out for this right?

NOPE!  That didn’t happen.  THE MEDIA lost their minds over it though…oh no…they didn’t….


They didn’t respect him.  Notice they made him exit from the “ass” of AF1 lol!

Let’s compare:  TRUMP arrival vs. OBAMA  shall we…..oh yeah!


The Chinese Intel ops are still continuing to this day.

Guess its OK for the US to Meddle in Elections  – Been Happening since 1948


The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media. I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear……..

Last but not least, Lee Stranahan does some very good reporting on Bill Crowder, who was mentioned by Putin at the Summit.  It is a long video and talks about some of the concepts I have presented in this article, but much more in depth.  Learn about Crowder here:



  • The last name is Browder, not Crowder. From start to finish, very eye opening, uncomfortable. .


  • The Stranahan videos are VERY informative and educational! Thank you for stressing we watch them to get a deeper understanding! ❤️


  • As I wrote on your YT video, Lee Stranahan has really scared me that all of this corruption will never be stopped. Then I downloaded THE GHOST audiobook from my local library with HOOPLA. The CIA is so corrupt – it makes me sick.


  • I have been trying to tell everyone I know that this is not about Democrats and Republicans. Most are working for the same masters. Neoliberals and Neoconservatives are two sides of the same coin. The more we focus on our differences, the more they (the deep state) wins. Once we finally realize that we the people have far more in common than our differences, then we can finally defeat the evil persons who have been running and ruining our world. Thank you for this great essay!


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  • Thanks for the research. I spent all weekend reading it and studying the videos.


  • Thanks, I get called out on this so much, you must be new. Welcome, and I screw names up royally. You'll get used to it. HAHAH Thanks.


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