Obama Instructed Clapper & Brennan in Spygate – Dr. Dave Janda – The HAMR


  • Wow Katie! The revelations of HAMR and the illegal use prior to the release of the \”dossier\” is huge. Thank you for sharing. You Rock!


  • ,DNC election rigged,,,,,,,General election rigged,,,,,,,,,One of the most effective techniques in hiding one’s guilt in any matter is the projection technique – where you accuse what you are guilty of on your enemy. Obummers statement,,, no way can you rig an election,,,they were rigging the election ,(they must admit to what they are doing or the bad karma follows their soul) ,, Strzok’s “We’ll Stop It” Text ,how? ,by rigging the election ,the insurance comment, was the back up plan ,,killary did not go to different states because those states were rigged for her ,so why waste the time ,,and then after the election and Trump won ,,Jill Stein 3-state recount ,,this was the second kick at the can to try and change votes ,,,the election for president was rigged from the start ,,What they did not count on was the push in many states to get people to ask for paper ballots and that messed them up ,so many people voted for Trump ,that they could not change it with out exposing themselves ,,that is what they are desperate to hide ,the Russia investigation was the back up plan and they are using it to hide the real crime ,that the obummer administration and FBI ,DOJ ,senate ,house,5 eyes .etc, had rigged the election for president of the USA


  • They never thought she would lose. They could access any voting machine that they wanted and change the count. They didn't expect Trump to really win by a landslide if the actual count was known. They wanted it close but they didn't account for his popularity with the people. The only way we can take back our elections and make them fair again is to return to paper ballots, bi partisan chain of custody at every precinct from start to finish, each voter given a purple thumb when they vote, voter ID across the country, and the ballots held in storage for 1 year for any suspected fraud. Without these changes made now, every vote is suspect with what we know has occurred. The vote is not the governments responsibility. It's the peoples. If we want fair elections we take it back we enact reforms today. The midterms are at stake and that message has to get out.


  • May I copy and paste your reply, it's excellent!!


  • Please feel free to use my post for whatever you like.


  • I think you will find the bottom line of the \”Insurance Policy\” was the assassination of Trump and or his family. Its in the texts, and also that a foreign country was conspiring with them to accomplish that assassination. UK I think.


  • Yes it is. There has been numerous assassination plots against President Trump and his family. If all of the Strozk/Page texts, emails and other electronic communications came to light there would be hangings for treason. It would go from Obama down. One of the latest attempts was a missile launch at Air Force One when the President was going to a Singapore.


  • I think you are on spot! I agree.


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