QAnon – Testimony #4 Mike #QStories #WeAreQ


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  • Hi Katie…been listening to you for awhile & enjoy your honesty & luv your laugh. I liked Mike’s testimony. Gosh, we all have a story about when we woke up. For me realizing 9/11 “conspiracy theories” may be true because things weren’t adding up, I started realizing that we as Americans might be Living in a nightmare if my thoughts were even remotely true. It was all starting to make sense to me that Obama didn’t seem to be for us but actually for the terrorists. It was the beginning of my awakening. Things didn’t seem right. Over the next couple years I prayed to God to help us because I feared for our country & our lives. Then, out of the blue, Mr (“You’re Fired”) Donald Trump goes down the elevator on TV & he’s running for President. I’m thinkin … Did God send me Donald Trump? HmmmWell, over a period of time, loss of a few friends, and much research, I actually decided with the help of God’s guidance, that this guy sure did sound like the one to get it done. Then Q comes along & I remember reading that booklet that was about Q. Things were happening that you couldn’t make up even in the best thriller. Q has been a true God send, the Anons are awesome, and you & the other investigators/reporters I listen to are phenomenal. Information is golden, & we are winning. It’s becoming hard for you guys, for many Americans who want to smile again and tell everyone how great our lives will be very soon, but without our POTUS and Q team this may have ended very differently. We won’t forget where we were heading if this guy didn’t win. I also am reminded every day that God ‘s got his hands all over this. WWG1WGA. Luv ya


  • Hi Maggie, I had that same moment seeing that horrific scene of 9/11, almost like a trigger for all of us. It was surreal, like a forgotten memory that jolted me awake to this false reality. Anyway, this was the beginning of the end for the NWO as we all awaken by Gods divine providence to bring love truth and beauty back onto the planet. DJT has stepped willingly into his destiny and for that I will always be so incredibly grateful as we needed him so desperately at this moment in history. With love to you as we create a world that works for all of us, filled with hope, joy and bliss which is our natural state, we just forgot! WWG1WGA


  • I woke up on November 11, 1963, on the way to gym class as a sophomore in high school! I knew something was wrong with the death of JFK. All these years now I have witnessed other murderous acts that did not add up. The day the planes hit the Twin Towers, I was in my office at the community college I taught at, my boss came in and told me but what struck me was he was actually smiling about it! He was a Mason. A year later he set me up and fired me on a made up ordeal. I think I began following Q sometime in November 2017? I went through the whole period when Q was hacked and taken over a couple of times by what I would guess was the deep state? And then I followed Dr. C on the discourse board live streams. When I figured out (by doing my own Q research) that Corsi was more interested in pushing his books than doing his own research, I looked for another Q decoder/analyst. When I found Katie G she helped solidify my belief in Q and what the Q team(s) are doing! I love Katie and Jim. She emails me back when she can, and one can only ask — Katie how did you get to be so smart?? LOL Love you Katie G. RichardP, in KY @son_follower1 (Gab/Twitter)


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