Tue. May 24th, 2022
3 thoughts on “QAnon – WAPO CIA TOOL, Ohr & Weissman”
  1. Bill Smith youtuber producing Qanon vids and tweets @Real_Bill_Smith now MISSING for two weeks. Last tweet 15 Aug, last vid 16 Aug. Sudden drop off – no notice – from steady stream of content. Bill listed Citizen's Investigative Report as a trusted source on his youtube channel. I've been trying to notify \”big\” Q content producers on twtr and youtube, but not getting much response (I'm shadowbanned.) Would hope if our Q commenters/analysts go missing, until answers surface, we'd make some noise about it! I don't know Bill personally, or family or friends. Godspeed Patriots! WWG1WGA

  2. Her Katy. that Utah Data Center website was a hoax site. Q knows it. His point was sometimes there is real info in hoax websites. Scroll to the bottom of page one and read the fine print.

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