• This hateful conspiracy BS should not be given the time of day. This theory is a bunch of crock on so many levels . These idiots are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Might as well say aliens did it. That would be more believable. Good grief.


  • Pentagon's accounting dept + Navy Intel taken out (only 1 employee survived). 9/10/2001: $2.3 Trillion reported missing. Building 7 had the duplicate accounting records of the Pentagon. Over one trillion was stolen on 9/11/2001; plus the gold, diamonds & bearer bonds from the twin towers bank .\”Operation Hammer\” bonds, redeemed, 09/12/2001, under cover of closed stock market. Cantor Fitzgerald was handling the bonds issued by President George H. W. Bush, 10 years earlier, and some 600 employees died from Cantor Fitzgerald.All we actually know was that the official story was not the truth!!!!!\”Hurricane Sandy\”, 2012: Depositary Trust Clearing Corp. (DTCC) 55 Water St., NYC, NY, destroyed records; vault door left open; under water 30 days, then caught fire. Theory: high frequency trading in nano seconds & DTCC could not keep track of stock market trades so destroy the source (DTCC), leaving only online statement from broker, or actual stock certificates as proof of ownership.


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