Qanon – Feinstein threatens Murkowski? Delay, Delay Delay! Q update


  • I saw that pic on line. She looks evil.


  • Everything rides on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I don’t think POTUS will release FISA. Even thought this is Dems way of stalling vote, Grassley is going forward with beginning of vote and Flake agreed to that. This may backfire for the Dems, hopefully! Kavanaugh confirmation releases the FISA.


  • They won’t impeach him if he gets confirmed. Ford is the daughter of a CIA agent, and as I understand it, she is a prof in charge of CIA training program of mind control. If this is true Grassley may know it already. If this is true and it comes out, they have huge blowback! WWG1WGA


  • Katie…look…inventor of world wide web creates an app to let people take control of their Facebook pages and Google stuffArt. Can't post link here. Posting it under this subject on the you tube vid. It's a story in the daily mail


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