Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
2 thoughts on “Migrant Caravan Invasion Update & Channel News”
  1. We love and support you Katie. I deleted my trello account right after your latest YouTube video. I served as you did. My son in law is serving in the AF now. I never thought I see a day in America where our press would become controlled by communist. However I never thought I would see so many dumb lazy citizens before neither. My boy asked me more than once. Why I am serving? I'm protecting this? How sad. We will prevail my dear friend and patriot. They will fall. Great work Katie. Keep up the good fight. WWG1WGA….

  2. I also deleted my trello account and let them know you were the only reason I was on there in the first place. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. Can't wait for utilities to be managed by an entity that has the public's best interest in mind. Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you for vetting stories and all the deep research you do!

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