QAnon – Midterms are Here! DECLAS coming. Remain in the public light (safety) #NewQ

November 6, 2018     Q Posts 2429-2436
If you missed Potus at the last rally last night, you can watch it here>
I have the time marked for Rush Limbaugh to Introduce President Trump
So Proud of POTUS!!!!
And now the Q Posts for Nov 6 so far….
I am sure that right after the midterms, we will be back to SPYGATE with a fury!!!
Q was responding here, to PapaD’s status on Twitter:

I have been saying for a long time that there are FISA’s on on PapaD, Page, Manafort, and Flynn.  If you have not heard the latest interview with Dan Bongino and PapaD, listen here:


HELLO, PATRIOTS!  We see you too!

Post 2431

Angela Merkel to step down in 2021

The decision by Germany’s veteran chancellor comes after a series of regional election setbacks.

And Now This…

This was sent to me on Twitter, you know who you are!! Thank made my day

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