QAnon – Let the Unsealing Begin, Let the Declas Begin! WWG1WGA!


  • I think it may have been McMaster. Speaking of washerman-Schultz, I listened to Michael McKibben whose research team have narrowed down the hacking of the Supervisor of election in Broward county to Joe Sullivan of Cloudflare and who is linked to wassrmam-Schultz. Cong Gaetz filmed people taking ballots out of back door & load them onto a truck. There’s a lot going on too. Gov Scott can put her on Admin leave til this is all over and that way she can’t damage us further.


  • Amazing in this surveillance crazy environment that Broward County election staff can succeed in flipping the election results. Really sad and pathetic for legitimate voters. We need voter ID for access to a ballot from now on. No more Mr Nice Guy.


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