Ep#9 – Mini Maga Update – Jim Jordan, Grassley, Election Fraud, Mattis, Whitaker and more!


  • Hi Katie its Caneman1158, I responded at sent a complaint to fox news about supporting Crybaby Acosta lawsuit. Thought you might enjoy it. I find the decay of Fox News into becoming the new CNN disturbing. It seems to center on Jay Wallace as News director and his and the Murdoch boys vehement anti-Trump bias being used to run the Fox news brand into the ground. Your suppression of news stories favorable to the president, sitting on stories by investigative journalists, muzzling political correspondents and new direction to only report on widely reported news stories will be the downfall of your brand. It's obvious that the people that used to watch your channel probably wont change these decisions but it wont keep viewers from walking away. I read the writing on the wall when Mr Rupert Murdoch stepped down and relinquished control to his sons what was on the horizon. Confirmed by the placement of Jay Wallace. As I quit watching and as my friends informed me the changes to just another liberal Trump bashing news outlet came fast and hard. How long do you think your stable of reporters will stand for this? How long will your most popular shows stay at the top? How long before will the bug guns stay silent before they walk away too. If you want to be replaced you can by news organizations that take pride in a conservative stance and sticking to it. They might not have your viewership right now but the viewers will leave you in droves. Watch OAN or others take your place as the top news network if this is allowed to continue. It's not a threat it's a promise. The majority of Americans want news they can trust and just dont want liberal bias. You can provide that or not. That decision is yours and our decision is ours. This probably wont change a thing but I certainly feel better saying it. Please pass this along to Mr Wallace and the boys they should read some truth for a change. Instead of cookie cutter, echochamber ramblings of the left. Have a nice day. It's hard to stop when you get on a roll. See you in Discord.


  • What happens if they have massive evidence of fraud? New elections?


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