Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
3 thoughts on “QAnon – MONDAY! 11/11 WW Unified Waves, John P. Carlin, EU Riots”
  1. I am giving your youtube videos to new people and they r so late to the game. Just listened to latest Bongino podcast and I had to really think about it because he is saying that FBI searching the Whistleblower house even after he gave his info to Horowitz, they took his originals. Bongino says he believes FBI wanted to see origs so they know how to come against Q/Trump. I heard also that Trump has been talked into not doing anything about midterm fraud but may just strengthen 2020 to make it safe. I think post 11-11 is that the fraud that was done to gain seats will b turned over with evidence of fraud everywhere. Red wave (people that should have won will take the seats). Luv these guys…

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