Well Played DS, Allow us to Counter


  • You can save your Trello board by saving the page. You can do this from the menu of any browser. You will then have all of the html code within the saved page and it can be opened in any browser. But there's more. You should also be saving all of your photos to your hard drive in a folder. Because even if you have the page saved, the photos would not display. with the photos, if the photos had been removed from Trello. Even better is to link your photos from your own web hosting in order to make it easier if you do have to restore the boards to your site.Then, if you want to move it to your website, you just have to have someone like me that knows html change the links in the pages to links on your website. It's not simple, but if you really want to keep your content, you should keep it on your website and then install a backup program in WordPress that will back it up regularly so you can restore it if you lose it.Don't like that answer? Then try this one: https://bestwordpresstutorials.com/how-to-add-a-trello-like-kanban-board-in-wordpress/


  • Just FYI, I have terrible allergies and I clear my throat like u all the time. I have to take ClaritinD 24 hrs during day, and because u can’t sleep so well taking 1 or 2 Benadryl at night. It’s annoying as hell.


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