Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
5 thoughts on “QAnon – [D] Day, EO, Senate Start, Jan 1, 2019”
  1. I think every time I hear that video I get chills. I am so proud of him. You just gotta luv this guy. For one man to make so many people in govt lose their minds has got to mean he is on the target. Great reporting. Luv ya

  2. Fynn can only keep spilling his guts on what he knows as long as he is under his agreement to cooperate the minute he pulls his plea he can no longer testify to what these people did.

  3. Katie G please invite the triple amputee veteran who started the gofund the wall for an interview please .it seems like his story needs to be told & id love to see your channel give his voice an audience with love i ask dear.

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