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  • Re: Bre Payton's deathBre did not die of H1N1 – the symptoms are like the regular flu and are noticeable for several days before severe complications set in.Meningitis is something else entirely – it moves very, very fast. I know because I had a scare with my son many years ago. He was on a soccer travel team with another boy who came down with meningitis.Weekend – travel team tournament games with other travel teams from…everywhere!Tuesday – high school games with other area teamsWednesday – the boy in question was about to get on a plane in the afternoon to join the US soccer team as an alternate in Europe, but didn't feel well and went to the doctor that morning. The doctor recognized the symptoms immediately, the boy was hospitalized and within hours he's on a respirator with a reportedly 50/50 chance of living!Wednesday evening – I and other parents led the charge to track down all the players that might have come in contact with the sick boy. All the members of every travel team and all the high school players with instructions as to the proper prophylactic to administer to each player depending on the degree of contact. What a nightmare!All of our players (travel team and high school) were at a party. A few calls and they were all dispatched to our local pharmacy for pills or shots. The pharmacist made those boys stand and take the medicine in front of him before they were allowed to leave the premises – then they all went back to their party.So…If it was meningitis were the OAN reporters and staff that Bre came in contact with or her girlfriend (that she was staying with in San Diego) get the same or similar preventative for meningitis? If not, then it wasn't meningitis that killed her!There is a strict protocol for folks that come in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with meningitis. If that protocol was not followed then the reported cause of Bre's death being meningitis is BS!


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