Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
2 thoughts on “Qanon – Where is @Snowden & [RBG]? MKUltra Mind Control, [AS] CIA 01/0…”
  1. Katie G your work caught my ear & heart tonight. I'm a mother of a healthy 26 old son who was born without his right arm. His father serviced us army special forces unit, my son received care in KY ,his care continuing to Shriners hospital in Lexington KY prosthetic he had several made, but the last came special order, right down to skin tone & hair & freckles, then the hook & bait was a study where robotics with technology & brain waves control prosestic,my son was perfect canadate by their standards,per his age, disposition, they wanted to \”help our son& family\” and it would benefit their research and help wounded warriors research as well. My guts said no when I heard this, my heart said no God allowed by purpose, I will not & can't. So we walked away & never visted again, oh while he received care in Lexington my son was ask to me with serveral other families to promote the hospital to other children families I'v often wonder what choice \” they made?\”

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