Leak Trap Set for Buzzfeed? AS proven LIAR, Nunes talks FUSION GPS


  • Just a question. i can look at your Videos at home but little time. at work if your videos were your originals and not on youtube I could watch them. can you post on this site as your original video downloads. youtube is cencered at work.


  • hi Katie, love your work. I tried to subscribe but GOOGLE ,( pronounced Gargoyle Guardian) won't letter me access the mailreader site. I use Duckduckgo and a VPN. My address is sackettcc@gmail.com. Can you add me to your list? Been thinkin' on some things:Last fall the White House and several other Fed sites announced an urgent warning to all Americans. Due the unprecedented occurances of fires, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters and the likelihood of power outages and terrorist activity, it was advised that we immediately begin to store with easy access, a 6 month supply of food, water, medicine, cash and sundries.I listened. I am a 68 year old single disabled senior shut-in living on disability. My University educated children will have nothing to do with me- in their eyes I am lowly and useless, they are high and lifted up. I live on less than $10,000 a year. At the moment I have food, water and necessities near by to last 3months. No cash or meds, but I'll survive.In December the Federal Government went into a partial shutdown, essential personnel only, and furloughed 800,000 employees. As it dragged on, the media wailed about these 'workers\” missing paychecks. Most of these people pull in over $100,000 a year as do there spouses.Why are we then treated to stories about the need for food banks and women going without tampons? Did they not receive the warning their employers put out? dDid they think it didn't apply to them, with the salaries, benefits ,perks, paid vacations, and federal holidays. If I could bite the bullet, make some hard choices and prepare for emergencies, Why am I then supposed to be angry and indignant at the plight of those entitled workers who would not do likewise? Just askin'. Are you laughin' at me?


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