Q-"We never left. It is Time To Return Publicly" – Mueller Probe and RR…


  • You are right, we are pissed off with all this harassment of this President. Though I hate to see him treated this way, it was the only way to free us from this disgusting bunch of traitors. I am with him all the way because I stand for freedom for this country and I know you and many, many others feel the same way. Like he said “what the hell have you got to lose”. He was right because we were headed down the dark road to hell, a waste of space in their eyes. I will enjoy seeing them taken down, and I will thank God for sending us his anointed to be our beloved President to give us the life we all deserve. Thank you, Katie for being one of the brave that stands up to do the job that MSM will not. It’s digital soldiers like you and many others that makes our country great. God Bless you.


  • Hi, Katie, Maybe your scrolling would be smoother if you use the 'scroll wheel' on the mouse and then go to mouse properties and you can select how many lines it scrolls for each click of the mouse scroll.Start > Settings >Mouse > Adjust Scroll lines per click. Good luck and thanks for your channel on YouTube !


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