Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022
2 thoughts on “Deep Dive: Epstein Suicide through the Q Posts”
  1. Q post # 994, says operators onsite, deep, safe. The Q mega meme files has infographics showing someone saying, \” SFW but I don't want to take chances uploading this has not been easy\” 994 is April 2 2018, McAllister TV, has done a lot of videos on this. check out Dec. 30 2018, time mark 40:00

  2. Hi Katie, It's Valsue, I listen to you a lot and for quite some time now. A while back I joined your Facebook group but with my full name. I don't comment on there. I truly forget about it a lot because I'm usually doing research and posting in my groups. I also have a discord server and belong to many. I would love to join your server as well.

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