Rep. Nunes: Will Sue CNN and Daily Beast for FALSE REPORTS! JOE DIGENOVA & DEVON NUNES



Hear Joe Digenova and Devon Nunes Sound off on the ridiculous House Ethics Investigation into Representative Devon Nunes supposed meeting with Ukrainians in 2018. These people are sick!

Credit: WMAL and Maria Bartiromo



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  • Glad Rep Nunes decided to blow off Maria Bartiromo, because Fox News is no friend of truth. It was Fox who called the House for the Democrats before the polls in California closed.


  • What if the democrats were allowed to win the house to stonewall and impeach the president for 2 years before the 2020 election? This would bring immense visibility to the do nothing house, and really motivate us who support the president. We know that the c_a has been running candidates all over the country, and my district fell to one who had litterally millions of dollars from outside the state and district. I do believe that #WWG1WGA will mean that not only will our president be re-elected, but will have a house that will not be filled with RINO and CABAL supporters. The draining of the swamp will be helped by the patriots who will be voting. Red districts will be popping up all over the country, in places no one expected.


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