The Public Awakening – Be Ready! QPost Analysis: 3637-3646

Full Breakdown of Post Analysis of all December 2, 2019 Posts:  3637-3646 will follow the video:

Starting with 3637




Project D Comms Post 18 in Q’s new board where only he will post
/start/ = start of the board and Q is posting without a tripcode or iden, but that will be addressed in later posts

and START OF DISCLOSURE of Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities


POST 18 is about 18 US Code Chapter 115
Fitting? yes!


Post 3638


This post has the full text.  It is post #20 on /projectdcomms/ on

This post is only referencing section 2385 which deals with Advocating the Overthrow of Government.  If you look at the list above, it has many other sections.

LISA PAGE?  Hello, Paging Lisa Page?

Methinks this is a call out to Lisa Page since some of the posts to follow, deal with her and MI6 conspiring to commit this offense.

From the Daily Beast:



No way huh? I say WAY!

Additional info regarding why Lisa Page did this interview here.


Post 3639


Note the TIME STAMP:  12:55:55

Post 3640


!Q is validating his IDEN and Trip by telling us that there is a -1 (less than 1 minute) delta between Q post #3639, listed above, and Trump Tweet – Meaning less than a 1 min delta between them.

Remember the time from Q Post 3639:  12:55:55 which is seconds away from 12:56

Here is the Tweet:

Timestamp:  12:56, less than 1 minute.  Q Posts, then less than 1 min later, POTUS Tweets!  Proof!


And then trip is confirmed….


Post 3641



Code Monkey confirms the Trip has been whitelisted, and that only Q can post on this board:



2nd Confirmation incoming:


Post 3642


This is a confirmation that Q told us earlier in post 3627would be incoming:



and here: image.png


All confirmed!


Post 3643






2-year delta for JUSTICE! Dec 9th, 2019 FISA IG Report will be released to the public, which is the /start/ of Justice!

Watch my video for an extended look at the word “justice” throughout the Q posts.  It is located at the top of this article.


Sean Hannity:



Post 3644


Listen: Why are the largest media co’s in the world constantly attacking this so-called conspiracy?


Check out a BING search for Qanon – blocking Q reporters and only showing MSM debunking as the “authority” on the subject!  BOO!




WE KNOW who is censoring and fixing the algorithm’s so the public can find the truth!  Doesn’t matter – public awakening incoming!

Try as they might!


Post 3645




Watch as I compare this to previous LONDON/PAGE Q posts:

Post 3646


Logical thinking tells me that the DS actors are going to run out of ammo on their way to the FISA release, but perhaps, some more “unmasking” will occur to fully expose them along the way!  STAY TUNED…


Thanks for reading my article for this Q Post breakdown….ENJOY THE SHOW!


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