Wray – TRUST BUT VERIFY! Rosenstein and Wray BOTH on Lindsay Graham’s Radar Screen




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  • So far it looks like a mirror of the good cop/bad cop optics that POTUS (bad cop) played with Jeff Sessions while he was AG. Sessions even offered to resign, just like Christopher Wray did. In fact, I think even Jerome Powell (another good cop / bad cop optics) offered to resign. The one I don’t completely trust is Cocaine Mitch. So far, he’s cooperated, but he’s also done RINO things that kind of irked me. For example, he is still and open borders / H1B person, like the Chamber of Commerce.

    Rosenstein is an enigma. People who have rendered opinions that were later true with further research have come out on both sides. I still think Mueller is an enigma and I bet in 2025, nobody will know what Mueller’s actual role was.


  • Katherine Anne Ganley

    Don’t trust Mitch as far as I can throw him. Why has he been silent and hiding through all this?


  • I don’t trust Mitch, but can we trust Graham either? …the long time BFF of No Name? He has the talk, but not the walk. As pointed out by others, why not subpoena and get the deep state players under oath or caught in their lies? Is he a player?

    A big fear is that there are enough secret turncoats in the senate that could ambush the president and vote for impeachment. Sure, it would be the death of the GOP, but then what has up to now been skirmishes would quickly turn into open civil war with violence with breaking out everywhere, as 63M voters are given the finger.


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