Monday Morning w/Joe DiGenova on Comey, FISA, IG, Durham and MORE…

From WMAL Mornings on the Mall:  Joe DiGenova discusses Comey, FISA Abuse, IG Report, US Attorney Durham and much more.


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One comment

  • Dearest Ms. Katie G.. I just want you to know you are my lifeline from the very beginning of Q. I, too have followed the boards from the beginning and looked for Veterans to put my ultimate trust in..we kinda all think alike & stay focused similarly. I listen to many others, but you have always been my “go to” . Unfortunately, Im retired & have so little money (live w/ my son) or I would be able to show I’m one of your biggest fans from the beginning.. civilians do have something to say and we all research & find clues to dig into but my focus is on what Q is saying give me that… your self depreciating laugh is sweet. You are consummate big player in this whole following ..IMHO.. You have gone above & beyond explaining to your followers how to access the 4ch/8chan…and now 8kun..which I also still call the chan…habit..hard to break.. you make it possible for people to think for themselves & help us get there…and I especially love this past year…You had this Ukraine deal / mess figured out…guess I was going down the same path..lead by Q drops… I have used your vids to share on all social media to help get your vids out & wake people up to what’s going on in DC..and Q is trying to convey to the civilians… Keep up the great work… You’ve left all your research data available for everyone to read those articles and to capture them offline when Google bleaches… so much is gone off google… pages& pages… I TRUST YOUR REPORTS AND COVERAGE SO MUCH.. THANK YOU FROM ONE VET TO ANOTHER. ONE PATRIOT TO ANOTHER.. HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS OR HOLIDAY.. BTW. I’M ALSO CHRISTIAN.. just cant celebrate the season knowing what Ive uncovered but that is another story within the Q drops. Just wanted to thank you ..and give that extra boost when you feel peoples remarks are demeaning… Im a hard researcher for decades & their complaining is minimal compared to the content you put out & the extra mile you go to help everyone become independent researchers from you postings ……BY THE WAY WRAY IS A SLEEPER… Mandy from Ghost Body Language caught it 1st time he got up to speak… wiley sneaky..arrogant..disattached to FBI behavior… Mandy was booted from youtube for her “accessments” that weren’t pc long ago.. God Bless you &your family this season & next year..I do pray for you…you may be my only connection soon. My pc is dying.. Maybe a good format is needed.


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