QAnon – We are Ready, Q! Prepare for the Storm ( and a DEEP DIVE TIMELINE)






Show Notes:

We are Ready, Q!  Prepare for the Storm ( and a DEEP DIVE TIMELINE)
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  • Wonderful deep dive! Great material..well constructed. Cathy O’Brien’s speeches from the past (I think they can be found on youtube) are the most poignant and shocking and has left an indelible impression on me. They have to be listened to or buy her book. For those who do not believe in the extent of what is being done to children, not just in this country, in the world you need to wake up! Its a serious situation and tears at the heart … I am a follower for 3+ years and spent many a midnight hour crying over what is done to A CHILD! A child….how did it come to this! It takes awhile to be able to process the depth of this depravity but once you do you will never be the same again! We are a commodity to these vile beings…..our children are a commodity…aborted fetus’s are a commodity! Realize that … be aware of what they do to you and why…..Thank You Catie…you are the best!


  • love you too #katieG!


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