Flynn/Kislyak Calls Released and Senator Mark Warner IN PANIC MODE

DNI Ratliff released the Flynn transcripts to the media and congress Friday afternoon:

Office of the DNI on Twitter

DNI Ratcliffe issues statement on declassification of transcripts


This should be very interesting to see the media response to this declass!

The Conservative Tree House has written extensively about the players involved such as Senator Mark Warner, who seems to be in panic mode and trying to protest the release of the documents.

An interesting couple of things happened just as Richard Grenell passed the sunlight baton to DNI John Ratcliffe. First, SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner is angered about the sunlight Grenell has delivered. Second, former AAG Matt Whitaker outlines how the Mueller investigation threatened him. Both issues merge (outlined below).

Michael Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell appears on FBN with Liz MacDonald to discuss recent events. WATCH:

Listen to Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney, describe the situation:


The following excerpts are from Conservative Tree House:

Sidney Powell Discusses DOJ/FBI Selective Releases as Richard Grenell Points Out Senator Mark Warner’s Conflicts…

An interesting couple of things happened just as Richard Grenell passed the sunlight baton to DNI John Ratcliffe. First, SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner is angered about the sunlight Grenell has delivered. Second, former AAG Matt Whitaker outlines how the Mueller investigation threatened him. Both issues merge (outlined below).

When considering that Robert Mueller was used as a weapon (threat) and a shield (bury information); and when considering Senator Mark Warner’s recent protestations against Grenell; it is well worth going back in history to May 2018 when SSCI Vice-Chairman Warner was demanding the Mueller investigation must not allow congressional oversight.Yes, it now makes sense, why Senator Mark Warner was demanding DAG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray must keep records from congress.

Chuck Ross on Twitter

Lofty assumption here that House Intel will just leak the name of the source (which they apparently already have, btw). And Warner doesn’t mention that all the clues that have come out about the source have come from DOJ leaks to media

According to Mark Warner in May 2018, it would be “irresponsible” and “potentially illegal” for congressional oversight to keep demanding records from the FBI and DOJ about their spying and surveillance activity against the campaign of Donald Trump.

Now the statements yesterday by AAG Matt Whitaker make sense.

Within an interesting interview conducted by Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times, former AAG Matt Whitaker confirms the Mueller investigation was used by corrupt interests within the special counsel’s office to threaten any/all executive branch and congressional officials with “obstruction of justice” charges if they revealed any exculpatory or counter-narrative information during the Mueller probe. (read more)

Additionally, Senator Mark Warner carried a massive conflict because he was an active participant in the legislative side of the soft coup effort.

You see, when Dianne Feinstein stepped down as Vice-Chair from the Senate Intel Committee after the 2016 election, it was Mark Warner who took her place.  This puts Warner on the Gang-of-Eight starting January 3, 2017.

Coincidentally, the Gang-of-Eight conduct all oversight over DOJ and FBI covert and counterintelligence operations…. including those covert actions that took place in 2016.

It gets better….

Senator Mark Warner holds a vested interest in making sure that no-one ever gets to the bottom of the 2016 political weaponization, spying and surveillance operation.  Hence Mark Warner was/is furious with the efforts of Ric Grenell as DNI.
Rick Grenell and Rep. Eric Swalwell had quite the little exchange on Twitter too:

Richard Grenell on Twitter

It’s time we brief the American people. We are done with the Washington manipulations. Transparency is needed.

(of course, I had to put in my 2 cents… remember #fartgate? yeah… I went there….)

🤨Citizens IReport😎⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Twitter

@RichardGrenell Hey @RichardGrenell, remember #fartgate?

Sorry, I digress, but I had to do it! LOL!

Now, for more motive for Senator Warner to keep sunlight from the operation, listen carefully to the opening statement from former CIA Director John Brennan May 23rd, 2017, during his testimony to congress.

Pay very close attention to the segment…



This was the GANG OF 8, spoken of by Mr. Brennan:

Credit: Conservative Tree House

So when CIA Director John Brennan was providing “individual” briefings to each of the gang-of-eight members (pictured above), they were accompanied by one senior staff.  That means a personal, individualized, briefing to Dianne Feinstein and Dan Jones.

The same Dan Jones who participated in the 2016 Brennan briefings, is the same Dan Jones who continued paying for Christopher Steele’s involvement after the Trump inauguration (ie. payoff); and the same Dan Jones who was a liaison visiting Senator Mark Warner to help continue the effort.

Things making sense now?


Now we see why Senator Mark Warner did not want a “paper trail”…

For more on Dan Jones/Warner read this article

Former Feinstein Staffer Hired Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele

A declassified congressional report confirms prior reporting by The Federalist that Daniel Jones, a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after the 2016 election to push the anti-Trump Russian collusion narrative.

Senator Mark Warner and Entire Senate Intelligence Committee Compromised, Corrupt and Finally Exposed…

I’m not going to spend a great deal of time on this because the story is just affirmation and takes away from research and value-added discussion. Tonight Fox News is reporting on the efforts of Senator Mark Warner to make secret and off-the-record contact with Christopher Steele in March of 2017.

It’s clear that obstruction traps were set all over the place, as though they were the rats in Cinderella’s attic.
Listen to former AG Whitaker talk about the traps set for EVERYONE, including him and AG BARR:
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: e68885 No.5318964
[Soft Push of New Narrative – Example]
What happened to the Mueller hype?
What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [@JohnBrennan]?
Was MUELLER the ‘insurance’ policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS’ ability to enforce the law?
New talking points being pushed backing away from Mueller as the savior re: excuse A, excuse B, excuse C?
Why are *new* investigations by [AS] being started, if, as he’s stated for almost (2) years, ‘evidence’ exists that ties POTUS to Russia?
If they had evidence, do you think it would have leaked?
If they had evidence, would they be backing away (playing down) the Mueller report about to be released?
First they pushed for a SC.
Now they claim the SC didn’t look deep enough?
Are *new* investigations designed to be an ‘insurance’ extension?
Designed to prevent POTUS from CLEANING HOUSE?
Attack on political opponent(s) who is/are actively conducting (leading) investigations into the President for XYZ charges beyond Mueller for XYZ reasons (zero evidence to support) – OBSTRUCTION TRAP?
[SDNY] opening ‘private’ investigation for the sole purpose of FINDING A CRIME?
Evidence to support?
Evidence presented?
Does [SDNY] report to AG BARR?
Watch the news.
[MW] opening *new* investigations into the ‘finances’ of POTUS and/or his family?
Why did D’s state ‘things will calm down if we retake the House’ prior to the midterm elections?
Was their plan to retake the House in order to ‘chair’ each respective committee in order to start *new* erroneous investigations in an attempt to retain the BLOCKADE?
Retain the ‘insurance’ policy?
Retain the optical illusion that a crime was committed?
Retain the narrative?
Retain D_base outrage?
Retain D_base obstruction?
Retain D_base support to block POTUS’ agenda?
If you know your opponents move, what advantages that does present?
If you have the TRUTH on your side, what advantages does that present?
If you have full control of the US MIL, what advantages does that present?
If you have complete AUTH TO DECLAS, what advantages does that present?
If you have the SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (PATRIOTS), what advantages does that present?
The Flynn/Kislyak Transcripts declassified:

Flynn Calls 1

Pchelyakov: General Flynn. Good … good afternoon. This is Aleksandr calling from the Russian Embassy Ambassador’s office. If there’s … Flynn: Yes. Pchelyakov: If it’s no problem, cou]d I. .. uh … put the Ambassador through for you? [noise] Kislyak. Yeah General. Uh, thank you for picking up. uh, my call.

Flynn Calls 2

PARTICIPANTS: From: * – FLYNN, Mike; KISL YAK, Sergey RE: Lt. General Mike FLYNN phones Ambassador Sergey KISL YAK to express his condolences on the death of GRU Director Igor SERGUN, who died unexpectedly today from unknown causes.Ill – 1111 * – -PARTICIPANTS: To: General Flynn_RE: A follow-up call between General Flynn and Kislyak [Sergey Ivanovich] Pchelyakov calls General Flynn and asks ifhe can connect him with Ambassador Kislyak.

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  • Katie G, You take these complicated webs of deceit and make it all make sense! Thank you for all you do!❤

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