Tue. May 24th, 2022

Just one day after President Trump signs an Executive Order after Twitter flags President Trump’s Tweet about Mail-in ballots potential for abuse, fraud, and potential election rigging… they do it AGAIN this morning!  Friday, May 28, 2020.




Below, the bs “violation” that says he is “glorifying violence”.  LOL!   But, it’s in the public interest to remain accessible?

UM OK…..what in the world are these asses doing?


Here is what the Original Tweet says, unbelievable:




This comes on the heels of an executive order signed May 27, 2020, watch:




@jack is on thin ice

Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL) says the Federal Election Commission needs to “get off their duff!” and will be filing a complaint with the FCC.  WATCH:


Gaetz: If we wait, ‘Big Tech will steal the election from Trump’

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