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  • I Pray Thank You Lord for giving us Donald Trump, I ask you to let your Holy Name cover him and protect him and give him strength for the task that is before him. Please protect his family and administration and give him peace. We look to you Jesus for you are the Great Author and Finisher of all things. I ask all these things in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Almighty Lord, in these days of confusion I humbly ask you to protect our Country, our President and his family from evil. Bless us, give us the strength to endure these difficult times. We trust you, because only in you we can find peace and wisdom. In Jesus name I pray.

  • I Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing this Country and the World President Trump. I Plead your precious blood over him and his entire family, no weapon formed against him will prosper neither shall any plague come near their dwelling, And I believe you Almighty God will continue to give DJT your wisdom, knowledge and discernment needed to guide this Country with Your Agenda in full force! Give Our dearly elected President all the strength and rest needed for his mission.
    In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen and Amen!!!!

  • Father God, please surround President Trump, his true team, and their families with an impenetrable wall of protection. Bless them in every way, providing everything they need to do the work you have called them to do. Give them Your strength, comfort, guidance, wisdom and peace. We proclaim Your victory over them and through them. May they sense the prayers of Your people and Your Presence around them every day. Thank You for raising them up for such a time as this. I ask in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

  • Praise to you Almighty Father in Heaven. We ask you humbly to put a hedge of protection around our President Trump and his family and administration. Please grant them peace, strength and wisdom in these times of trials. And we humbly pray for victory over the evil ones, so that freedom can once again reign in our land. Thank you in Jesus’ name, we trust in your providence and grace. Amen.

  • Heavenly Father, creator of that is seen and unseen, I pray that you will be with President Trump and his family. I ask for your protection for them and for us, the people of the United States of America. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Lord please grant great health, wisdom and divine protection on our duly elected President, 1st Lady and Family..
    I pray for the success of the President, Governors, and fellow supporters continuously working hard every day trying to steer our Nation on a more righteous path away from the evil that has exploited the innocent and helpless. The World is waking up and watching as demonstrated every day in other countries. May this opportunity be a great turning point and Blessing for the world. Amen.

  • Heavenly Father- hear our prayer. We praise and thank you for putting Donald Trump in place to lead our nation and for his heart for demolishing evil. We pray for continued protection for him, his family and all those who are by his side to support and encourage him. We pray you give him continued strength, good health and energy he needs daily. Above all we pray you continue to pour your wisdom and discernment into him; may he always seek Your ways. In Yeshua’s name we pray. 🙌 Amen

  • Father, I ask that you surround President Trump and his family with your circle of fire, and annotate them with the blood of Jesus Christ. Surround them with a protective veil, to ward off the evil that wants to hurt them spiritually and physically. Father, please expose anyone that is close to him that does not belong, including his spiritual advisers. Keep this President healthy, happy, energized, and help him keep making great decisions for our country and always keep him one step ahead of the evil entities that walk amongst us because Father we know this is not about flesh and blood but about evil and the principalities of darkness in this world. Give the patriots the knowledge and weapons we need to help this President. Send your million of war angels to help and guard this President and we the Patriots through this time of darkness, and I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. This prayer is my own and one I say day and night. President Trump, thank you, thank you for everything, I love you.

  • Every night I pray this prayer for you, Mr. President, family and team: Father guide his steps, give him wisdom, give him strength and health and deliver him and family and team from evil. In your sweet and Holy name Jesus, I pray. Amen.

  • Prayers for all the Children of God as we fight together to pull back from the brink. POTUS & team are on the front lines: sometimes it’s reassuring when people on the front lines feel surrounded by the love, support, & willingness of millions to publicly stand with them, when all the other powers of society are allied against them. How would they keep fighting if they believed it was just a tiny handful of them, against most of the rest of the world’s powers??

    I do have a question I’d like to have an answer to someday. Awhile back, I felt compelled by the Spirit to write an incredibly personal Tweet to the President with a song, because POTUS needed 5 minutes of quite to think. Someday I’d like to know if that was a real event (as opposed to some weird fleeting impulse with no basis in reality), & if true, what he needed to think about, even if just the broad strokes.

  • Dear Lord our creator of all things. I pray that you give President Trump the
    Wisdom to know what is right to do for our country and world, the understanding to know what is your will and guide his every step to do your work. I humbly pray in Jesus. Almighty name. Amen.

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