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Republicans have an Active Investigation into ICIG Michael Atkinson

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Rep. Devin Nunes sues CNN for $435M and Fights the Wrap Up SMEAR!

From Fox News

Ranking Member Devin Nunes responds to fake news stories from CNN and The Daily Beast on ‘Hannity,’ November 25, 2019. Watch:   FOX NEWS: Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., sued CNN for defamation on Tuesday, accusing the cable network of publishing a “demonstrably false hit piece” about him amid his high-profile opposition to the Trump impeachment inquiry. The 47-page lawsuit, filed

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Ranking Member Nunes : THEY GOT CAUGHT RUNNING A SHAM! Impeachment Hearing Opening Day 5

Here we go!  Tell em’ Ranking Member Nunes!  “THEY GOT CAUGHT!” “Whether the Democrats reap the political benefit they want from this impeachment remains to be seen, but the damage they have done to this country will be long-lasting with this wrenching attempt to overthrow the President, they have pitted Americans against one another and poisoned the mind of fanatics

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Watch: Nunes, Turner, Stefanik, Jordan, Ratcliffe Blowup the Impeachment Hoax (VIDEOS)

Watch Representatives Devon Nunes, Mike Turner, Elise Stefanik, Jim Jordan, and John Ratcliffe literally blow up the Impeachment hoax hearings, as they call out Ambassador Sondland and smoke out the truth of his many contradictions.  It’s quite amusing! Impeachment Inquisition Day 4 – Bad day for the CIA, State Dept. and Deep State black operatives. First up:  Rep. Devin Nunes,

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