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QAnon – Senate was the Key, HOUSE was the Bait, FISA Brings the HOUSE Down

Q Posts 2442-2460  November 7, 2018 Now that Midterm Elections are over, we can move on with the MISSION!   If you jumped out of the foxhole JUMP BACK IN and FIGHT! This is WAR.  This is information warfare.  Disinformation is necessary and there are moves and countermoves.  We caught wind of the counter moves with the resignation of Jeff Sessions. 

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QAnon – Boom, Boom, Boom, Potus Points out Q, and Something is Happening!! #NewQ

Q Posts 2420-2428    November 5, 2018 SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! A conversation between Potus and Q = Q+ THE POINTING: THE “SOMETHING IS HAPPENING” – SOMETHING IS GOING ON THE BOOM, BOOM, BOOM I couldn’t find the Potus pointing to Q sign earlier, but here is the whole video.  Although I do see him pointing earlier, I just couldn’t tell

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